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I am a freelancer who specializes in Web Design, Brand Strategy and Social Media Advertising with the goal to help ambitious business owners make more money on the internet.

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Hi, I am Andreas.

I am an online marketing freelancer from Austria with a passion for Marketing, Design and Branding.

Having started my career as a web design freelancer with a strong marketing background, I quickly realized that most web designers are doing it completely wrong nowadays, focusing too much on either the tech-side or the design.

The sad result: fancy websites, impressive tech, but no value added for the client.

I do things differently. I focus entirely on results. Money in your pocket. New customers. Long-term sustainable growth. A straightforward approach to cut through all the noise out there in the world of online marketing.

To make my websites more valuable, I added another useful skill to my arsenal: the art and science of creating and running wildly profitable advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. This new skill proved to be extremely valuable – both for me and my clients.

To make my ad campaigns more efficient and sustainable, I eventually also learned a third highly valuable skill: coming up with a brand strategy that will help you stand out and create an irresistible brand.


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