Kanzlei Rieger & Partner


Kanzlei Rieger & Partner is a Latvian-based law firm that specializes in European Law. After relaunching its subsidiary site europainsolvenz.de from Wix to Wordpress, Cornelius Rieger also put me in charge of creating the company website of his law firm Kanzlei Rieger & Partner. Since most of traffic comes from Google Ads and the service they are selling is a high-ticket service, the website is very text-heavy with the goal to persuade visitors by providing world-class information and education on the topic of European Law. The website has a very simple layout that makes the content easy to digest on all devices. It focuses heavily on lead generation by using contact forms on almost every single page. That way, Kanzlei Rieger & Partner is able to generate between 5 and 10 highly qualified high-ticket leads per day.


The website has three distinctive features that boost the user experience, as well as the workflow of the law firm:

1. Comparison Table

The Privatinsolvenz page allows users to directly compare up to 3 different countries displayed next to each other in 3 columns. The comparison table was inspired by Apple’s iphone comparison and handcoded using Javascript.

2. Online Debt Check

With the online debt check, users can fill out a multi-step form, answering the most critical questions regarding their personal situation. This enables Kanzlei Rieger to give free, tailored advice to each user and collect their contact information in exchange.

3. Client Area

Kanzlei Rieger’s client onboarding process involves various questionnaires and documents to be submitted by the clients. In the past, all the required information has been collected and entered into the company’s CRM software manually. After I planned and created a new client area on the website, the entire process of collecting the necessary information and documents from new clients has been automated, saving Kanzlei Rieger & Partner countless hours of work. New clients can now submit the required information and documents online. The information will automatically synchronize with the company’s CRM software, allowing for a smooth and efficient client onboarding process.

Project Details


Cornelius Rieger


March 2019 - ongoing


Web Design



"Always overdelivers"

"Andreas completely revolutionized our company's online presence. The new website is now the flagship of our company and brand where new clients are acquired and existing clients onboarded. It saves us a tremendous amount of time and work, and is thus very valuable to us. Andreas is one of very few freelancers who is really reliable and skilled in what he does. He always overdelivers on his promises and is very quick to react to any needs I have.

Cornelius Rieger, CEO of Kanzlei Rieger & Partner