Tew's Barber Shop


Tews’s Barber is one of the oldest and most popular barber shops in Bangkok, Thailand.

Prior to working with me, the company was already ranking #1 on Google and had many visitors to their Facebook page. However, they didn’t have a  professional website, meaning that a large part of his traffic from Google and Facebook ended up going nowhere.

The company was literally leaving money on the table EVERY day, like so many other businesses without a professional website.

I built my client a simple, yet clean and beautiful one-page website that informs the user about the core values and the most important information about the barber shop (opening hours, price list, contact information, booking information).

In the first week after the launch, the new website achieved almost 500 visitors (mostly highly targeted from Google and Facebook). Bookings went up 22% in the first month of using the new website and a lot of the foreign clients of the barber shop said that they really appreciate the new website and its informative character. 

Project Details


Chumporn Sangvilert


May 2018


Web Design



"Andreas delivered a highly professional website"

"I am so glad I found Andreas. I am always looking for new ways and opportunities to improve our barber shop business. In that sense, it was the logical next step to have someone create a website for us. Thanks to our new website, we now stand out even more in the crowded barber shop market in Bangkok. Our customers love the new website and the booking process is much easier now - for them and for us. Having a professional website also opened up new ways for our marketing, both online and offline.

Chumporn Sangvilert, Owner of Tew's Barber Shop