Facebook & Instagram Ads

The Idea.

In recent years, we have witnessed a true advertising revolution. Using advertising to scale your business to new heights is not only reserved for big corporations any more. Nowadays, any business can reach the masses with digital advertising and make a real difference.


Compared to traditional advertising, Facebook ads are significantly cheaper. Expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $20 per 1,000 people seeing your ads.

Better targeting.

Facebook knows you better than you know yourself. It is sitting on a gigantic pile of data of billions of users. As an advertiser, you can use that data to laser-target exactly those people who are interested in your offers. 

Measurable and trackable.

With Facebook ads, you will be able to attribute every single dollar in revenue to a specific ad, audience and platform. At any time in the process you will be able to see if your campaign is profitable or not. You’ll also get valuable insights into who your customers really are.


Once you have a profitable ad campagin, you can scale your business by increasing your adspend. This is the real power of Social Media Advertising. You are essentially getting paid to acquire new customers while exposing your brand to millions of people at the same time. This unique combination can be an extremely powerful way to move your business forward.

Results-driven ads

The Philosophy.

Holistic advertising

Making Facebook Ads work is much more complex than just mastering the Ads Manager. My approach to Facebook Ads is a holistic one. In addition to managing your ads, I will also work on your landing page design & copy, your branding, the conversion rate optimization of your website, increasing the average order value, and much more.

Driven by data

Facebook ads is not a place for emotions, feelings and assumptions. Cold hard data is what needs to be analyzed and trusted, in order to make rational decisions. That's why I track the most important KPIs in a separate Excel sheet and add new KPIs to your campaigns, such as the CLV ROAS (Customer Lifetime Value ROAS), Conversion Rate and Average Order Value.

Always be testing

With so many variables at play, it is crucial to test the most important variables and draw the right conclusions from it. Finding the right targeting and winning audiences is the most important aspect of Facebook ads and oftentimes a result of extensive testing.

Trust the algorithm

Facebook spends millions of dollars on improving their algorithm that is driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence. Most advertisers make the mistake of thinking they know their target group better than Facebook. I always work with the algorithm, not against it.

Any Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions regarding my Social Media Advertising services.

In theory, there is no minimum budget that is required. However, if you have a very low budget (less than $30 per day), it is much harder to make your Facebook Ads profitable. A large part of the success with Facebook & Instagram Ads comes from testing different variables in the beginning, which costs time and money. Hence, a larger budget means faster and more efficient testing and thus also higher success rates.

When it comes to Social Media Advertising, I exclusively charge my clients based on performance (commission on sales or per generated lead). You only have to pay me if you make money thanks to my ads. That way you have nothing to lose when working with me, but a lot to gain. The rate of the commission depends on the type of your business, your profit margins and the scope of my services.

If you hire me to run Facebook & Instagram Ads for you, I will plan, create, run and manage campaigns for you. This includes setting up the Facebook pixel, custom conversions, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. I will also go over your entire sales process (incl. landing page copy and website design) to make sure that we have no bottlenecks. Moreover, I will track the most important KPIs and share them with you on a daily basis so that you always know whether or not the campaigns are profitable enough. In some cases, I also offer to manage the Facebook & Instagram pages of clients and do basic customer service.

Yes, I do. After all, that’s exactly what you are paying me for. After deciding that you want to work with me, I will do an extensive market research to find out how your customers are ticking. That allows me to come up with captivating and persuasive ads that convert well. However, I am well aware that nobody knows your business and your products better than yourself, so I will also take your opinion on all ads into consideration.

That depends entirely on your product / service, target group, advertising budget and a couple of other things. Generally speaking, you want to have at least a few different ad-sets with different audiences and ads. That gives the Facebook algorithm enough to work with. At the same time however, you want to have at least $10 – $20 of daily budget per ad-set.

I need access to your Facebook page, Facebook business manager, Facebook ads manager and your website. If you don’t know how to grant me access, I am happy to assist.

From start to finish

The Process.

Running Facebook ads is more than just pushing some buttons in the ads manager.  Here’s how I approach the creation of wildly profitable ad campaigns:



Setting up your ads manager, Facebook pixel, custom conversions, and audiences. I will also check your sales process to see if it is optimized enough.



Before starting any ads, I will research your target market and get familiar with your product / service. The result: a customer avatar the ads will be tailored to.



I will test different audiences, objectives, ad angles and ad creatives in order to find winning ad-sets and ads that are highly profitable and stable enough to be scaled.



Once I found multiple winning ad-sets and ads, it is time to scale them without compromising your ROI too much. This is where small companies become big.

Accelerate your business growth with Facebook Ads

Book a free strategy session with me and we’ll find out together how to move your business forward.


"Facebook Ads that really work!"

"Ever since hiring Andreas to run Facebook ad campaigns for me, my business is much more independent of Amazon. We have been able to generate an additional 5 figures in revenue per month with an Average Return On Ad Spend of 6.5 - thanks to Andreas' help. His approach to Facebok Ads is very straightforward and the results speak for themselves."

Thomas Dunzinger, CEO & Founder of Entspanno

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